Thursday, May 16, 2013

week #8 Mothers day and transfer time

This is the missionary mom. So this weeks notes were super short on account of getting to talk on mothers day. The best part of our missionaries call was the surprise that came to Jessalyn as Kaylynn explained how many wards, how much work, how many lessons, how many baptisms and how many new sister missionaries there are in the Provo Utah mission. For instance Kaylynn says they got 12 new sisters when she started and are getting 19 more this week. Jessalyn's whole mission has 11 sisters. I guess for some of us its hard to believe there is so much missionary work to be done in Provo. They are both growing so much and are both learning to rely on the Lord in all the things that they do and both learning how to be great missionaries. Under different circumstances but also under the same plan of happiness. And both are having experiences with people feeling the spirit and learning to pray and learning about Heavenly Fathers love for us and Jesus Christ's great example. So here is her note:
So I don't have to much to say this week but I will fill you in on some stuff. I got my transfer call to Spanish Fork and I will be covering the YSA Stake. I am praying that it is a walking area so I can be out in the wonderful sun! It is crazy how attached I got to the people here in Roosevelt. I know that I will find amazing people where ever I go but its just weird. I seriously feel like I just came out of the MTC! Yesterday was the Memorial service for the Elder that passed away and it was very touching.  From what was said it sounds like he constantly was trying with all his heart, might, mind ,and strength to be Christ like and hearing about it made me want to try to be better. I am so excited for Wednesday to see Camry and hopefully we will be in the same area! I sent a lot of pictures this time because pictures are worth a thousand words. Love you and hope you all are doing well and being happy! I will have more to say next week since its going to be a whole new experience.
                                         Roosevelt sister missionaries with the District leader
                                      a family that likes to take care of sister missionaries

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